The New Normal


Covid-19 regulations are relaxed, but Covid has not been. It is merely binding its time, waiting for us to let our guard down


PFSA urges you to keep practicing protective measures such as wearing a mask, physical distancing, covering coughs and sneezes and frequent handwashing


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SA:        Helpline: 0800 029 999

National Exhibitions

stamp collecting south africa

The South African Virtual Philatelic Exhibition, a one-frame exhibition, will take place under the auspices of the Philatelic Federation of South Africa on 22 August 2020


Proudly hosted by the Philatelic Society of the Orange Free State

80 Entries, of which 63 International, were received and are currently virtually judged by 25 National and International judges worldwide


Results will be published by 22 Augustus 2020


For more information, please contact Joof van der Merwe at

stamp collecting south africa

Algoapex 2020


The Covid 19 situation, with accompanying uncertainty, has forced the PEPS organizing committee to cancel Algoapex 2020



For more information contact Rodney MaClachlan  at

stamp collecting south africa

JUNASS 2020 – This event was cancelled due to Covid 19


For more information please contact Garry Osthoff at

stamp collecting south africa



9 to 13 November 2021


Participate in the 2 000 frame International Philatelic Exhibition (IPEX), Cape Town in November 2021


See Gerhard Kamffer’s International award-winning exhibit ‘The Road to Democracy’ featuring letters written by former SA President Nelson Mandela from Robben Island


For more information please visit:


Jannie Hofmeyer

On 6 October 2020 PFSA affiliated member Jannie Hofmeyr presented “Quantitative Color Analyses of U.S. 3-Cents 1861 Issues” at an International Online Symposium in the USA. This relates to research in compiling his International Large Gold Award Exhibit “The USA 3c Denomination: Design and Uses: 1861 – ‘69”


Fresh on the heels of his presentation comes recognition in the form of the editorial to the 2021 Scott USA Specialized


The editor credits Jannnie (to whom he gives space for an invited editorial essay) with “the most important additions, revisions, corrections and new illustrations in the classic era since the section was added in 1992”

Steve Marsh

The much prestigious Skinner Cup was awarded to Steve March at the 81st PFSA Congress in September 2019

ER 100 7

Herbie Schaffler received the Grand Prix for his large gold ‘North German Confederation (1868 – 1872)’ at East Rand 100 Stamp show in Benoni, September 2019

Jannie Hofmeyr received the Grand Prix award for his ‘The USA 3c denomination: Design and uses from 1861 to 1869’ at CHICAGOPEX 2019. He also received the American Philatelic Society awards for ‘Best research’ and ‘Best pre-1900’ as well as the US Philatelic Classics Society for ‘Best US Classics’.  Jannie also received two large golds for his literature entries, ‘The Neglected Details of Charles Steel’s Patent for Grill Stamps’ and ‘What the Brazer Archive tells us about the Loewenberg Essays: 1863-66’, two articles that appeared in the US Philatelic magazine The Chronicle



At their recently held Annual General Meeting, the following SAPDA members were elected as Office Bearers and Members of the 2020 Executive Committee:


President – Kenny Napier

Vice president – Clinton Goslin 

Treasurer – Richard Johnson 

Secretary – Volker Janssen 

Marketing and website – Emsie Jansen van Rensburg 

Committee members – Alan Donaldson, Paul van Zeyl, and the immediate past president – Francois Friend


Congratulations to the elected members and wishing them all the best

Stamp Fairs

Cape Stamp Fair


First Saturday every month. Bellville Valley Church Hall, corner Postma and St Andrews, Bellville


Open: 09:00 with Auction at 11:oo




Contact: Ken Joseph

Pretoria Stamp Fair


First Saturday, every month. Greek Orthodox Church Hall, corner Roper St and Lynwood Rd, Brooklyn


Open: 09:00 with Auction at 11:00


Contact: Paul van Zeyl

Kyalami Stamp Fair


Second Saturday every month. Kyalami Country Club, 433 Maple Rd, Kyalami AH, Midrand


Open: 09:00 with Auction at 11:00


Contact: Clinton Goslin

Kenny Napier

QSA, Kyalami


Third Saturday, every month. Kyalami Country Club, 433 Maple Rd, Kyalami AH, Midrand.


Open: 09:00 with Auction at 11:00


Contact: Paul van Zeyl

East Rand Stamp Fair


Fourth Saturday, every month. Edenvale Bowling Club, 6th Avenue, Edenvale


Open: 09:00 with Auction at 11:00


Contact: Kenny Napier



This event is cancelled


Contact person: Kenny Napier


Supported International Exhibitions 2020

NZ 2020 (FIAP), 19 – 22 March – Auckland, New Zealand  (see more)

Commissioner:   Vernon Mitchell



LONDON 2020 (FIP), 2 – 9 May – Islington, London (see more)

Commissioner:   Patrick Flanagan

POSTPONED till February 2022


INDONESIA 2020 (FIP), 6 – 11 August – Jakarta, Indonesia (see more)

Commissioner: Joof van der Merwe



ER 100, 4 – 7 September 2019, Benoni


The venue, Benoni Lakes Hotel

The frames arrived

Offloading the frames

Erecting the frames

ER 100 5

Viewing exhibits on display

ER 100 4

Judges comparing notes

The Palmares

Attending dealers at the Palmares

Francois Friend, PFSA President for 2020

SAPDA FAIR – 15/16 November 2019 


A SAPDA dealers fair was held at the Da Vinci Hotel and Suites in Sandton Johannesburg. The event was a first for SAPDA and it is is envisaged to make  it an annual event


The fair was attended by dealers from far and wide, the Eastern Cape, Western Cape and some of SAPDA’s international dealers were present, along with a large Gauteng representation and is envisaged to make it an annual event

Present at the SAPDA fair held at the Da Vinci Hotel in Sandton were back (left to right): Ken Joseph, Kenny Napier, Stephen Hale, Richard Johnson, Michael Wigmore, Lee Luyckx, Doreen Royan, Bill Barrell, David Morrison; and front (left to right): Chris Bennett, Xavier Laubscher, Francois Friend, Howard Green, Clinton Goslin and Alan Donaldson.

stamp collecting south africa


A meeting between the Organizing Committee of Cape Town 2021 (IPEX 2021) and the Minister of Communications, Telecommunications and Postal Services, Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams took place on 28 February 2020 under the auspices of the Patron of IPEX 2021 former State President Kgalema Motlanthe


The object of the meeting was to discuss the role that the Ministry will play to support this international event. The theme of the exhibition, “The Road to Democracy in SA,” was also explained to the Minister

stamp collecting south africa

From left to right: Siphiwe Ngweya, Sipho Majombozi, Minister Ndabeni-Abrahams, President Motlanthe, Jannie Hofmeyr (standing), Gerhard Kamffer and Emil Buhrman